Zoladex … can’t live with it can’t live without it!

Where to start… Zoladex. After my surgery in June 2017 a nurse came to administer and implant into my stomach called Zoladex. I looked at the needle and panicked. It was huge. I couldn’t believe after my tummy so swollen from surgery they wanted to stick that in there too!! It took me 30 mins and asking the nurse to go then come back again and cringing I finally said just do it. I will never forget how much that hurt.

Since that day I’m on month 7 of Zoladex treatment. The first 3 months from June -August 2017 no one could prepare me for the wonderful side effects I faced with no add back therapy. I went cold turkey. My ovaries were shut down. I was forced into menopause state. My hormones were all over the place! I was an emotional wreck. Let talk side effects. …. one word awful!! My skin was a mess, hot crazy flashes I must of had about 30 a day, itchy skin, bone pain, I couldn’t sleep, my hair started to fall out in handfuls too. My bleeding hadn’t stopped I bled the whole 3 months. It had no effect on my pain… or so I thought.

August was my last one! I was so excited!!! Until I felt it leaving my system. Unbearable pain in my back and pelvis, I struggled to walk. After 2 months I was in a wheel chair. I was in so much pain. September 2017 I attended my university graduation in a wheel chair. It was not how I pictured graduation. I attended an appointment with my gyne and she was shocked at how much I’d changed and how much pain I was in. I was taking loads of pain killers ( I still am) but It wasn’t touching the sides. I was sent for a CT scan in case she had missed something. She agreed to do a hysterectomy as she thought my adenomyosis was causing the pain.

After then my gyne told me to go back on Zoladex as a holding treatment until my operation. If the zoladex worked this time it was clear to see I’d be a mess without it. 7 days after my zoladex implant I was out of my wheel chair!! Crazy stuff. This time I’m taking Tibilone along side it to help side effects. It helps with hot flashes and bone pain. My hair still falls out lots but I cut it short so it wasn’t noticeable in the bottom of my bath or wrapped round the plug hole. I get itchy skin and hot sweats at night lots. I also struggle to sleep.

I’m now still on holding treatment until my op end of jan 2018. Although the plan has changed. I’m now booked in for a LAP with excision in hoping they remove the left over endo from my cavity and pouch of Douglas. My gyne also thinks it’s on my bowel too so they are investigating that. After surgery if things don’t improve and I can’t live without zoladex again I have a full hysterectomy August 2018.

I pray it works …


Let me introduce myself…

I’ve always wanted to blog but it’s a scary thing, pouring your heart out and your life to total strangers…. yet there is something refreshing about it. So here goes … this is me.

Im 28 and a bit of a worrier. My new goals for this year are to learn to relax and enjoys life’s ride. Since being diagnosed with endometriosis  my self confidence has been knocked. Due to treatments my hair has thinned a lot. My husband has been my rock and I’d be lost without him.

I am currently working towards my BA in Education and I will hopefully become a primary school teacher ( after a few more years hard work!). I currently work in a primary school as a teaching assistant and I love it! I am learning lots and gaining confidence within a classroom setting.

I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. This past 18 months has been crazy. My health took a nose dive and it’s changed my life. I had an emergency lap in June 2017. It was a bitter sweet diagnosis. I now know what’s wrong with me but unfortunately there is no cure. My aim is to support others with this condition and raise awareness. I am forever grateful that I have had 2 children as I know many women are unable to conceive due to fertility issues.

My blog will be a very honest reflection of what it’s like being me. The good, the bad and the ugly!!